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Change Android device Lock Screen into Honeycomb Lock Screen

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Hey Guys I think many users use Android Operating System now days because of its awesome functionality. If you are Android user and your mobile lock screen does not look brilliant then there is an app that can change Android device lock screen into honeycomb lock screen. Ripple lock free app is freely available in the android market. This app converts your lock screen into a honeycomb OS. After installing this app you can also choose default lock screen of your android mobile.
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Google Kicks the Android’s Menu Button

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Google Kicks the Android’s Menu Button

Google releases the many version of Android Operating System and google continuously improve the functionality of Android OS. Now the latest version of Android is 4.0 IceCream Sandwich that is so popular now a days because of new fetures that google includes in this operating system. You can check the new features of Icecream sandwich here.
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Install Window 7 or 8 from USB Drive

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Install Window 7 or 8 from USB Drive
I’ve seen many sites and blogs to install window 7 from USB but they all are incomplete steps.Main thing to install window 7 from USB is “It takes only 15 minutes.Now I am telling u to install window 7 complete steps that is 100% working.
USB Drive.
Window 7 files.

Now follow these steps to make bootable USB drive.
Plug in ur USB drive to USB port.
Now open cmd with administrator permission.
# Go to Start menu>All Programs>Accessories, then right click on cmd and select run as administrator.
Now First type DISKPART and press enter.
Type LIST DISK command and check ur USB Disk Number(Disk 1 Probably) and u assume ur disk drive “Disk 1”
Now execute following commands one by one:
Now minimize the command prompt.
Now lets assume your DVD drive letter “H” and USB drive letter “I”(ypur drive letters may be different)
Now type in CMD
(“H” is ur DVD drive letter)
CD BOOT and hit enter.
Type last command to update ur USB with BOOTMGR.
( “I” is ur USB drive letter)
Now Copy your window 7 files to the USB drive.
Your bootable USB drive is prepare to install window 7.

Just set the boot priority at the bias to USB.If any problem occur then ask me.




HTC Smartphone List Upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich

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                                             HTC Smartphone List Upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich


For HTC fans there is good news. In 2012 htc will make upgrade some smartphones to Ice Cream

Sandwich.This time HTZC vendors has annunced to use the latest OS Ice Cream Sandwich.

HTC officially says Ice Cream Sandwich will be used in several smartphones in 2012.Now in present

Ice Cream Sandwich are available and can be upgraded at the HTC vivid.

Some other HTC smartphones that can be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich are:

HTC Sensation

HTC Sensation XL

HTC XE Sensation

HTC Rezound

HTC Evo 3D

HTC Evo 4G

HTC 4G Amaze


So HTC users and fans prepare for Ice Cream Sandwich that’s the awesome OS that I am using.

Connecting to MySQL With PHP

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Connecting to MySQL With PHP

These are steps :

  1. Import the MySQLdb module.
  2. Open the connection to the server.
  3. Run your queries.
  4. Close the connection.



$connection=mysql_connect(”servername”,”username”,”password”)  or

die(“connectivity failed”);

mysql_select_db(“database name”,$connection);

$create=”create table book(name varchar(40),author varchar(40))”;


$insert=“insert into book values(‘Ansi c’,’Balaguru’)”;


$fetch=mysql_query(“select * from book”);








Connecting to MySQL With Python

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Connecting to MySQL With Python

We can access the MySQL through DB-API using MySQLdb.

These are steps :

  1. Import the MySQLdb module.
  2. Open the connection to the server.
  3. Run your queries.
  4. Close the connection.

import MySQLdb

connection=MySQLdb.connect(host=”servername”, user=”username”, password=”password”, db=”databasename”)


cur.execute(“create table book(name varchar(40),author varchar(40))”)

cur.execute(“insert into book values(‘Ansi c’,’Balaguru’)”)

cur.execute(“select * from book”)


print “Displaying all the rows: “,multiplerow

cur.execute(“select * from book”)


print “Displaying the first row: “,row

print “no. of rows: “, cur.rowcount




Motorola XT165

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4 Inch Screen with Dual Camera, Android Gingerbread with 800 Mhz Processor 

Motorola has launched its new latest android smart phone XT615 but till now its not launched in india but it launched soon and its expected price is 17,500.

The phone offers a unique look with a large 4 inch capacitive screen with 8 megapixel camera with LED flash and a front facing VGA camera for video calling.Besides, it has 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and latest Android 2.3 version but with a smaller 800 MHz processor.

Every other aspect of the phone seems to be high-end except for the processor. Even RAM and ROM are 512 MB and 1 GB respectively.
At just 9.8 mm thin with a 4 inch edge-to-edge screen and Android 2.3, the phone is definitely a looker. There is also a place to attach your key chain in lower left corner of the phone, adding slight design element that differentiates the phone from the rest.